New Album Pre-order Sale!

Hello, friendsters! It's been a while, because I've been hiding out in my woman cave making lots of music. I am excited to announce the pre-orders for my new album start Monday, May 15th, and my album, NEW DAY, will drop Fri. June 30th. 

Why are pre-orders important? All pre-sales will be credited on the official release date, so the more pre-sale purchases you get, the higher your sales ranking on the day of the official release. It is incredibly difficult to get noticed in the music world, so this is a great way to make a splash and to help move the album to the top of the charts on itunes, billboard, etc. 

When you pre-order the album, you will get an immediate download of the power-pop ditty "Number One" which features the incredible Fernando Perdomo on guitar, backing vocals, and drums, and Ben Eisen on bass. So if you are in the mood for some uplifting pop, make your way over to bandcamp, where you can get a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER SALE of $8 for the album!!!

By the way, CDs are being made currently. If you would like a cd instead of digital, please manually change the the price to $13. CDs will be shipped before the release date (as soon as they are pressed), and will be personally autographed. 

Click here for the pre-order sale: 

Thank you all so much!



The official video for The Thrillseekers with Shannon Hurley- "Stay Here With Me", directed by Matt Dinan, is here!



Here is a new music video for "Someday" that I made last night using the Artisto app. I shot it clean on my iPhone, then ran it through Artisto using the Fedro and Rio 2016 filters, chopped up the video into 10 second segments, and rasterized some of the clips on iMovie for a nice "Max Headroom" feel.
Hope you like it!


New video:




Hazem Beltagui & Shannon Hurley- An Open Heart (Myde Remix)




Here is the premiere of my lead single for the upcoming album. The album version of "Number One" is a full band power-pop version of the song with handclaps and guitar riffs, with Fernando Perdomo and Ben Eisen giving it some rockstar power. 





Yay! New song:


My new song that I wrote & recorded yesterday: 


I posted a new song called "Soul"




New song: "Make A Move"





It's time for the universal premiere of "Heartbeat On The Radio", directed by MF Dinan.
Be sure to watch both versions! And please vote for us on "Funny Or Die"!
Director's Cut: 
Single Cut: 



Behind the scenes pics:

Shannon and makeup artist Kristine Castano

Screen grab from the video shoot from day #1

Last day of shooting at the Bat Cave (Bronson Caves)

Ben photo-doubling the robot (played by Gabe Scalene)

Dance time!


Robot completion

Last day of wearing the blonde wig!




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